Decentralized Liquidity Across Blockchains

BancorX is the easiest way to convert tokens between blockchains without giving up possession of your crypto.

Now supporting Ethereum and EOS.

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Ethereum Liquidity Network

Convert your ETH token into BNT via Bancor’s ETH Liquidity Network or any popular exchange where BNT is listed.


Move your BNT from the originating chain (ETH) to the destination chain (EOS) using BancorX.

EOS Liquidity Network

Convert BNT on EOS to any EOS token via Bancor’s EOS Liquidity Network.

Today converting an ETH token to an EOS token via Bancor involves three steps for the user. In the near future this process will be seamless for the user and occur within a single transaction.

The World’s First Cross-Chain Liquidity Network

Convert Ethereum tokens into EOS tokens and vice versa through Bancor’s innovative cross-chain conversion protocol. No deposits, no order-matching between buyers and sellers, no counter-party risk.


Access more tokens as well as unique Bancor features on EOS, including zero transaction fees and one-second transaction times.

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Token Issuers

Make your token instantly convertible for all your users, using any decentralized wallet, to ETH, EOS and 100+ other tokens.

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EOS is just the beginning. Contact us to learn how you can expand BancorX to your blockchain.

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Dapp Developers

Build cross-chain conversions into any blockchain application.

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BancorX launched on EOS TestNet

BancorX launched on EOS MainNet

Unify Ethereum/EOS cross-chain experience

Expand BancorX to next blockchains

Hundreds Of Tokens Supported

The Bancor Network is expanding across blockchains, creating the world’s largest cross-chain liquidity network.