To Liquidity
And Beyond

The Foundation’s mission is to champion the Bancor Protocol as a standard for value creation and transfer.

The Technical Innovation
To Fuel The Token Revolution

Bancor’s innovation reimagines the way value can be created and transferred. We are working towards a future where one form of value can be easily connected to any other through an open-source protocol without rent-seeking middlemen, similar to how information networks are connected through protocols such as TCP and HTTP.

Liquidity is essential and it must be:










Our mission

Increase Human Collaboration

The Bancor Protocol enables innovative applications which foster simple ways to create, convert, discover and use digital assets. By facilitating the ability for different user-generated currencies to easily convert with each other, such a system can be used to promote a more even distribution of global wealth and stimulate individual economies.


We Are Driven By

The belief that freedom of currency is a human right.

We are Motivated By

The phenomenon of user-generated and community currencies which show promise throughout history, and all over the world.

We are Inspired By

The chance to redesign the global economy from the ground up.

The legacy


The Bancor Protocol is named after the International trade balancing currency originally developed by John Maynard Keynes and E.F. Schumacher and proposed by Keynes at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944.

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Foundation Council President


“Our current monetary system was designed some 300 years ago, during an era that knew nothing of natural limits and had a completely different set of objectives and priorities. It’s a tool that should be serving us, rather than being our master. And since it is a man-made construct, it can be re-thought, re-imagined, and redesigned.”

Bernard Lietaer