The BNT allocation event has now ended!
Thanks to everyone who participated, stay tuned for news & updates about the BNT ecosystem.
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Our Team
Bernard Lietaer
Foundation Council President
Guido Schmitz-Krummacher
Foundation Council
Eyal Hertzog
Foundation Council
Guy Benartzi
Foundation Council
Yehuda Levi
Galia Benartzi
Business Development
Ilana Pinhas
VP Engineering
Or Bachar
Core Developer
Omry Rozenfeld
Core Developer
Asaf Rachman
Core Developer
Mati Levi
QA Engineer
Itay Dreyfus
Product Designer
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Tim Draper
Venture Capital Advisor
Yariv Gilat
Algo Trading Advisor
John Henry Clippinger
Governance Advisor
Lee Linden
Mobile Applications Advisor
Justin Rosenstein
Collaboration Software Advisor
Yoni Assia
Social Trading Advisor
Roel Wolfert
Community Currency Advisor
Guy Corem
Blockchain Advisor
Mihai Alisie
Founder, AKASHA
"[Bancor] could provide a catalyst for the emergence of a new type of economy... a multi-dimensional emergent economy that we cannot really envision yet."
Bernard Lietaer
Euro Architecht
“I read the [Bancor] white paper three times, and I suggest you do as well. It is… a breakthrough.”
Brock Pierce
Blockchain Capital
“I constantly see the A to Z in blockchain projects, which is where we are going. I’ve been looking for the A to B, how we get there, and turns out the B is Bancor.”