Decentralized Liquidity Across Blockchains

Bancor’s unified, cross-chain network is the easiest way to convert tokens between blockchains without giving up possession of your crypto. Now supporting Ethereum and EOS.


The World’s First Cross-Chain Liquidity Network

Convert Ethereum tokens into EOS tokens and vice versa through Bancor’s innovative cross-chain conversion protocol. No deposits, no order-matching between buyers and sellers, no counter-party risk.


Access more tokens as well as unique Bancor features on EOS, including zero transaction fees and one-second transaction times.

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Token Issuers

Make your token instantly convertible for all your users, using any decentralized wallet, to ETH, EOS and 100+ other tokens.

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EOS is just the beginning. Contact us to learn how you can add your blockchain to the Bancor Network. 

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Dapp Developers

Build cross-chain conversions into any blockchain application.

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Hundreds Of Tokens Supported

The Bancor Network is expanding across blockchains, creating the world’s largest cross-chain liquidity network.


BancorX launched on EOS TestNet

BancorX launched on EOS MainNet

Unify Ethereum/EOS cross-chain experience

Launch Dapp Browser

Expand Across Blockchains

The Network Effect

Are you a token issuer? Join the Bancor Network and give your users a convenient way to buy and sell your token with zero-fees and instant on-chain settlement in 120+ tokens. Connect to a powerful system of automated smart contracts that make token conversions easy, fair & low-cost for all users.


Unlimited Liquidity

No listing fees to join the network. Stake your tokens and your BNT in a smart contract that you own.


No Fees

No listing fees to join the network. Stake your tokens and your BNT in a smart contract that you own.


Embeddable Widget

Allow your token to be converted anywhere with just a few lines of code.


Thousands Of Tokens Pairs

Your token can instantly be converted by any of the 100+ tokens in the network.