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Puerto Rico
February 2017
International Blockchain Hackathon
March 2017
Blockchain Internet Oscars
April 2017
Blockchain: Out of the Labs
April 2017

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Discover and join communities using Smart Tokens™ with no technical skills
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Use chatbots on any messenger to easily set up and manage your Smart Tokens™
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Easily create ETFs and Token Changers and monitor real-time data and stats
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Our Founders
Guy Benartzi
Co-founder and CEO of Bancor. Previously, Guy served as Founder and CEO of the largest mobile social games developer in Israel, Mytopia, which was acquired by 888 Holdings (LSE: 888) in 2010. Guy went on to co-found Ecko Code with prolific designer Marc Ecko to license and develop digital products for CBS, Showtime and others including Star Trek, Dexter and more. Guy is also an active angel investor and advisor in various technology sectors including blockchain, fintech, digital products and life sciences.
“ Bancor represents the first technological solution to the “Double Coincidence of Wants” problem in the domain of asset exchange.”
Eyal Hertzog
Co-founder and Product Architect of Bancor. Previously, Eyal was the co-founder and CCO of the popular video sharing website Metacafe. Eyal has been building and scaling end-user Internet ecosystems since 1998 in various fields including social networking, content sharing and e-commerce, and is a recognized thought leader in the Israeli cryptocurrency and Internet product ecosystems.
“ By solving the liquidity challenge which most currencies face, Bancor enables the long tail of user-generated currencies to finally emerge.”
Galia Benartzi
Co-founder and Chief of Business at Bancor. Galia formerly served as Venture Partner with Founders Fund and Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures. Previously, she was CEO of Particle Code (acquired by Appcelerator) and VP Business Development at Mytopia (acquired by 888). She holds an MA in International Economics and Monetary Policy from SAIS Johns Hopkins and a BA in Politics from Dartmouth College.
“ Decentralized systems like Bancor help us shift society from a pyramid, with limited room at the top, to a web, with more access to opportunity and value creation.”
Yehuda Levi
Co-founder and CTO at Bancor. Yehuda has over 20 years of technology leadership and engineering experience. Previously, he served as CTO for numerous venture-backed consumer and enterprise technology startups which went on to be acquired, including Mytopia, Particle Code and AppCoin. Yehuda has been immersed in blockchain technologies since 2011, and holds numerous technology patents related to mobile, communications and software development.
“ Thanks to smart contracts, Bancor can bring a simple yet powerful algorithmic balancing system to the new financial world emerging on blockchain.”
If you’d like to learn more about Bancor, please get in touch: