Bancor Protocol

The Bancor Protocol is a new standard for cryptocurrencies called Smart Tokens™, which are autonomously and continuously convertible to other tokens in the network at algorithmically calculated rates. The protocol utilizes “connector” modules, which hold balances of other ERC20 tokens within a smart contract. The Bancor Formula constantly recalculates prices to maintain balance between Smart Tokens and their connectors.


The Bancor Protocol is a technical revolution allowing tokens to be converted without matching two parties with opposite wants. The magic is in the math, with a simple formula balancing buys and sells so that every token in the network maintains a formulaic relationship to others. The result is continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings.


The Bancor Network Token (BNT)

The Bancor Network Token was activated on June 17, 2017 and serves as the hub network token for the Bancor Network. All tokens in the network can be converted to and from BNT, and thus eachother, at a rate calculated by the Bancor Formula.

A New Generation of Tokens that are Smart

Bancor Protocol compliant tokens include a built-in, non-profit market maker. There are two main types:

Smart Token™

Hold one Connector (BNT) at a user-configured Weight


If you’re launching a new token, make it smart

Token Relay™

Hold two Connectors (BNT + any ERC20 token) each with 50% Weight


Allow backwards compatibility of existing tokens to the network

Learn more about Smart Tokens:

Use Cases


Utility Tokens

Smart Tokens offer enhanced functionality to any cryptocurrency, existing or new, on the Ethereum blockchain and beyond.


Complementary Currencies

Automated liquidity allows community tokens to thrive. Issue a coin for your group, neighborhood or city and watch members collaborate like its 2099.


Loyalty Points

Liquidity gives loyalty points super powers. Create a token for your business that allows members to trade with each other, and other businesses, like never before.

Add a Token to the Bancor Network

Add any existing token or create a new Smart Token™ and enjoy continuous liquidity.