Smart Token™

Tokens That Hold Tokens

A Smart Token holds one or more reserves of another token, ensuring continuous liquidity and transparent pricing.

The Smart Token Advantage

Smart Tokens are a new class of crypto currencies and the building block of the Bancor Protocol. They have built-in functionality that allows them to be autonomously created and converted at any time.


Built-In Conversions

By sending tokens to a Smart Token’s reserve, a user receives newly issued Smart Tokens in return.



Transparent Pricing

A Smart Token’s price is formulaically determined by the amount of tokens in circulation and the size of its reserve(s).


Convert Between Reserves

A Smart Token with multiple reserves enables conversions between any of the tokens in its reserves.


Continuous Liquidity

A Smart Token’s price is always adjusting so that its reserves are never drained.

Liquidity & Automated Price Discovery

Smart Tokens increase their price each time they are created and decrease their price each time they are destroyed, so users know they are always getting a fair price based on real-time supply and demand.


Smart Tokens have a built-in reserve of one or more tokens.


New Smart Tokens are created when tokens are added to the reserve.


Smart Tokens are destroyed when tokens are removed from the reserve.


Smart Tokens maintain a fixed ratio between their total supply and the supply in their reserves.

Discover Relay Tokens

Relay Tokens enable instant conversion between the tokens held in their reserves while maintaining a fixed ratio between the reserves.

A Smart Token Design For Every Project

Smart Token configuration options differ by either the number of reserves held or the ratio between the Smart Token and its reserve. Each token provides a different use-case, with only more to come.


Liquid Token

A Smart Token with one reserve that holds one token type and has a reserve ratio of less than 100%. For example, BNT is a Liquid Token with ETH as its reserve.


Relay Token

A Smart Token that holds two reserves, each with a 50% weight, ensuring conversions between both of the reserves. Most tokens connect to the Bancor Network by creating a Relay with BNT and their token.


Array Token

A Smart Token with an unlimited number of reserves, each with its own ratio.


Proxy Token

A Smart Token with one reserve with a 100% weight ensuring its market cap is equal to its own reserve.