A Smarter Crypto Wallet

Manage and convert ETH, EOS, DAI and 8700+ token pairs from a simple, secure wallet that’s accessible on any device.


Seamless Crypto To Crypto Conversions

Any Token

A single interface to manage and instantly convert between all your tokens. Fewer hops means lower cost.

Any Chain

Perform conversions between EOS and Ethereum tokens in a single action without giving up possession of your crypto. Support for more blockchains coming soon..

Multiple Blockchains.
One Non-Custodial Wallet.

Get Started on EOS in Seconds

  • Get a free EOS Account & enough resources to start converting.
  • Conversions between EOS tokens are free.
  • Easily manage all your resources within your wallet. Buy and Sell RAM, stake or unstake CPU & NET.

Your Key to Ethereum

  • Easily import any ERC20 wallet, with 500+ ERC20 tokens supported.
  • Predictable pricing thanks to on-chain automated market makers.
  • Built-in credit card gateway.


BancorX launched on EOS TestNet

BancorX launched on EOS MainNet

Unify Ethereum/EOS cross-chain experience

Launch Dapp Browser

Expand Across Blockchains

Hundreds of Tokens Supported

You’re always in control of your private key, with no central server storing or having access to your funds.